Nepal Security Assessment

The Government of Nepal and the Maoists have made peace recently and the country might be on the road to recovery; you should know though, Nepal's roads are as rough as they get.

Trekking safety
Come to trekking in Nepal, the main areas, even in the height of the Maoist 'revolution', were never a threat to your security. Now it is even safer, although there is still a bit of a law and order vacuum. Let’s see if politics has to resort to strikes, one would hope not, so there might not even be many disruptions. Here in Nepal Maoist party people doing good job for people of Nepal since long time and of course for tourist too. So, there is no more words and we would like to inform that Nepal is safe destination rather than other countries. NO DOUBT. We welcome you for any trip in Nepal.

Current politics
We long for a politics that is not about winning a political game but about producing better lives in Nepal. Essentially there has be a political coup, the King system is no more, constitution nor do the people as there is no accountability - elections, judiciary independence etc - built in anywhere. The politicians say "Trust us this time" but since they are the ones who first ignored the problem and have then solved it by taking absolute power. Election for an assembly which will write a new constitution. Nepali Congress party wins most seats, Maoist party disputes results.

Since the arrival of democracy in 1991 successive governments were feudal in behavior, grossly corrupt, shortsighted and narrow-minded and by neglecting basic development allowed a Maoist insurgency to start in 1996. As the stakes were raised to the point of a gun against the country's head, not one of the main political leaders could get their fingers out of the honey pot, proving time and time again they were utterly, hopelessly incapable of solving the country's multitude of problems. The ordinary Nepali people suffered immensely.

Finally, February 1st, 2005, the King took over with the intention of reforming the country and holding elections within 3 years. He took a mistaken hard line approach rather than bringing everyone together, eventually being the main obstacle to a political solution. With a second peoples power movement the old politicians were reinstalled and remade the laws to suit themselves, and give enough power to themselves to stop the King meddling. This is evolution backwards, rather than revolution. However, now the country returned with peace holding by the multiple parties’ leaders, hope jointly they will make new Nepal at very soon.

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