Everest Northcol Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition for Mt. Everest and other peaks

Why go expedition with Cultural Treks?

Cultural Treks and its staff have been safe and successful multiple times. Everything we have works, and works well while in expedition. We use generator (Honda Company) and solar panel 12v, 115v and 230v, so you can charge all digital cameras, video cameras; battery packs AA size batteries for Camera, Torch light, radios and laptops. So, never run out personal Laptop computer. Our climbing Sherpas, Base Camp Guide, Cook and support crews are loyal, organized, honest, and have worked with many different team many times on over 8000m peaks, including Mt. Everest and have a long history of successful expeditions in Tibet and hope to have longer than the passed years.

Special projects
We are happy to handle film teams and certain other projects. We will not touch "youngest" or "oldest" climbers, blind, disabled or other extreme risk projects. We have a separate western leader available.

What is Included?

In Kathmandu
First of all, we pick you up at the international airport and provide a double hotel room as well as provide one big room in the Hotel where you can spread your all gear out, and our store with a huge grassy area is just around the corner. Because we provide all tents, each person each tent while in expedition, oxygen, mask and regulator, daily 3 meals on the mountain etc till Advance base camp, you should be able to get to Kathmandu without extra freight charges (which can be BIG, sometimes). In the main time we will brief you about the expedition.

Cultural Treks handle all the paperwork for the Chinese visa, all the Tibet travel and climbing permits. All sightseeing as per programs, Hotels (double rooms), and all transportation by Jeep/Land Cruiser are included in the cost.

Base Camp and Advance Base camp
We will fix up a permanent kitchen with cook and helpers, large dining tent and tent for store our rest of gears and food, solar power and or, generator for recharging batteries. We provide 1 BC tent per member (a two-three person tent). We provide 3 hot and good meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner a day and afternoon tea, plus all hot drinks and boiled water for drinking during stay at Base Camp and Advance Base Camp. We will fix up generator (Honda Company) and solar panel in the Advance Base Camp provides 12v, 115v and 230v, so you can charge all digital cameras, video cameras; battery packs AA size batteries for Camera, Torch light, radios and laptops. Just bring your 12v adaptor to charge. We are just small agency and arranging the expedition trip to Himalayas in minimum cost so could not able to provide the email, internet service to our valued member yet due to the expensive cost but we are thinking to provide the email, internet service in the future at ABC. Note that not all laptops work at 5000 meter plus.

You must bring your own climbing gears such as rope, boots, and foods for the mountain including gas stoves. Fixed rope charges are not included. The Sherpas are responsible for stocking all the camps; carrying the oxygen, tents, gas and meals. They normally climb separately from the team until the summit push. The Sherpas don't carry your personal gear (but you can pay extra for a personal Sherpa).  We climb on the mountain mostly as a team or two with the guide and assistant guide. You can climb up to North Col alone as well though in Everest.

We will provide Poisk oxygen till ABC and its for incase problems for those people who are sick by altitude. So, you can bring your own oxygen, regulator and mask for use above ABC. There are many Oxygen are available in Kathmandu to buy. For C3 to the summit all oxygen is Poisk, factory-new. No refilled. Oxygen for your climbing assistance Sherpa is not include in the cost so you must buy for him separately.

Weather reports
In the base camp we can provide the variety of weather reports, and we subscribe to a paid weather forecast too. Judging the weather is one of the most important issues surrounding climbing Everest, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma.

Emergency evacuation
We have a PAC bag usually stationed at ABC, and emergency oxygen at ABC and BC, plus full medical kits. If you have to leave the mountain early alone or as two people then there will be a charge of in US $ as per our agreement with Chinese travel company, if Everest then US $ 700 charge will be fixed for transportation from BC to Nepal border. If you are a group of three or four then there is unlikely to be a charge but it may be a while before your baggage arrives in Kathmandu.

We will provide a very comprehensive medical kit at BC and ABC. You should be prepared with a SMALL personal med-kit for on the mountain. Our expedition leader or base camp guide, used to dealing with altitude issues and intestinal problems and other minor medical issues.

In the base camp you must have to pay some dollars to Chinese Liaison officer as a group sharing basis for the garbage deposit but when you returned from the ABC with your mountain garbage then this is our responsibility to refund the paid dollars which you have given to Chinese Liaison officer. Our agency will remove all garbage from ABC to BC, and this includes toilet waste. This is then disposed of by the Chinese Liaison team. However we plan to remove toilet waste from at least North Col too.

Although, we all travel in together, you can leave separately provided you are 3-4 climbers traveling together. Our office in Kathmandu holds your international tickets and so can arrange flights out to suit as per your earliest request.

With Cultural Treks, you must book and pay a US $ 3000 deposit AT LEAST 3 months prior to the expedition start to guarantee the availability of tents, oxygen etc. (You should also book your international flights at least 3 months, and better 6 months in advance).

This is your choice. It is sometimes possible to get insurance for 8000m peaks thru your national alpine club; the BMC in the UK and American Alpine Club offer particularly good packages. There is no helicopter rescue possible in Tibet so evacuation is by Landcruiser to Kathmandu, and should cost around US $ 700. There is one particularly good clinic in Kathmandu otherwise its better to do the treatment in your country. If our staff are insured in the expedition then our company will taken responsible of them.

Mt. Everest (Chomolongma) is the highest mountain on the planet and despite some of the publicity it is not 'easy' or even 'straightforward'. It is a very serious peak and bad judgment or even bad luck can be fatal up there. Even with the best companies the risk of death and from.There is no any permision to show the banner such as writting "Free Tibet" Free Tibet T-short, Dalai Lama reading book or any kind of activities which affect to the Country of China while in expedition to Tibet are strickly prohibited and if its done or negligence by our climber then company will not take any responsibility, he have to bear by himself.

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