Nepal River Rafting FAQs

I have never been before. Which trips are best for me?
Start off with a class III, or an easier class IV trip. An alternative is to ride along on an oar boat, which many companies offer on different rivers. If you are confident in the water, healthy, feel adventurous, you can drop right into a class IV River without prior experience. Guides will make sure you are trained in safety and paddle techniques. For class V Rivers, you must have prior class IV experience.

Can I bring my camera?
We do not recommend bringing video cameras, or even expensive still cameras, on trips. Many people bring disposable waterproof cameras, which work just fine. The quality of the pictures is pretty good, and if you lose it, it is not the end of the world. They are well suited to rafting. Some river trips have professional photographers, whose photos you can view and order after the trip.

I cannot swim. Can I still go rafting?
Everyone on commercial rafting trips wears a coast guard approved buoyancy vest. This will keep you afloat in the event that you find yourself in the river. Many non-swimmers go on rafting trips, and they have a great time. It is more important that you are not afraid of the water. Non-swimmers should not go on class IV+ or class V trips, and should be comfortable in the water with a buoyancy vest for class III or IV.

I have a family with young children. Can they go rafting?
Many companies have special family trips available, on which you can take children as young as four. Each particular river trip and company has its own suggested age limits.

What’s expected of you?
Naturally first time rafters can be unsure and daunted by the prospect of going down white water rapids in a raft. To ease your mind here are some tips about what to expect. Fitness- anyone can raft at any level of fitness, though it is better for your enjoyment if you at least a basic level of fitness and some upper body strength.

What if I wear glasses?
No problem, many people raft with glasses. We suggest you to buy a cord to attach them firmly to your head, so should they slip you will not loose them. If you prefer to raft without them, then we have a strong box to keep them safe in while rafting.

How do I keep my belongings dry?
We supply you with a dry bag to keep your belongings in whilst on the river.

Will it be cold?
Certainly the water comes form the snow melt so yes it is cold. But you will find that during the day time the sun can be very hot, so you will be grateful of the cool water. In the later months it can get very cold during the night time around camp, you will have a camp fire, but you should bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag.

Will I get wet?
Yes the chances that you will get wet are common.

Do I have to help around camp?
It’s up to you. you will be required to pitch your own tent and maybe help with some small things like unloading the rafts, you can feel free to help with the cooking or anything else, or just relax if you choose to

What about showers and toilets?
Showers will not be possible, in some places you can wash in the river or a stream. In such cases please be aware of the environment and use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos. Your rafting team will construct a pit toilet for your use near to the camp site and supply toilet paper.

What to bring?
When rafting you will be limited to bring along only a day pack sized pack and of course your sleeping bag... Space on the rafts and in the dry bags is limited.

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