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About Aircraft
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About Aircraft

In our Heli tours and trekking package based and provide the service through any company such as Air Dynasty, Fishtail Air or Nepal Army helicopter.


Nepal Helicopter(1.) Air Dynasty is fleet of 3 French ECUREUIL AS 350 helicopters has a capacity of 5/6 passengers in addition to the pilot and can fly up to 16,000 ft in altitude. The AS 350 BA is fitted with a Turbomeca Arriel 1 engine which exhibits superior performance at high altitudes and in hot temperatures.


Owing to its spacious cabin and the wealth of equipment available, it meets the requirements of the most varied missions, in the civilian as well as in the Para public sector. Its modern and simple design, using largely composite materials (blades, ''Starflex'' rotor, airframe, cowling), offers unrivaled comfort by abating the sound and vibration level in the cabin. A completely versatile machine like all the models in the Ecureuil family, it is particularly suitable for external load transport operations with a 1,160 kg undersling capability.


It is also well-adapted for police, tourist and passenger transport missions.

Fishtail Air(2.) Fishtail Air Pvt. Ltd.  And Nepal Army Helicopter has been operating an AS 350B and Bell 206B III types of helicopters. The AS 350B helicopter is the product of Eurocopter, France and the Bell 206B III helicopter is a product of Bell Textron Helicopters, USA. Both the helicopters are very popular all over the world. They are regarded as one of the most versatile and safest helicopters, and are suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions.


The following features of the AS 350 B helicopters, well explains its utility and performance:

  • Fail Safe Design
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangements
  • 5 Seats excluding Pilot
  • Suitable for all types of helicopter missions
  • Can fly up to an altitude of 16,000 feet


The Bell 206B III helicopter is also a versatile helicopter and boasts of the following features:

  • Best safety record in its class
  • Best auto-rotational characteristics of any helicopters flying today
  • Ease of operation and robust cabin structure
  • Rupture resistance fuel cells
  • Rugged energy attenuating skid gear
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