Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is to stand on top of a Himalayan peak, and feel the sense of achievement of having scaled a mountain much bigger than anything in the Alps is the 'ultimate dream' for many trekkers and indeed climbers. In 1978 the Nepal Mountaineering Association designated a number of peaks throughout Nepal as 'trekking peaks', which could be attempted with a minimum of bureaucracy or formality, and this has allowed the 'dream' of a Himalayan ascent to be realised for many people. A more appropriate title, however, would be non-expedition peaks as none can be 'trekked up', and some present serious mountaineering challenges. We offer many of the most popular higest and lower peaks which peak trips are ideal for those wishing to combine a trek with an ascent of an accessible Himalayan summit in Nepal.

Trekking Peak climbing trips offer a chance to climb a Himalayan summit and, a taste of being in the `white wilderness,' without burning a big home in your pocket. Most of Trekking Peaks can be completed within an Trekking with short period of time frame at different trekking destination. Though most of these climbs require little or no previous mountaineering experience, it is essential that participants are in excellent physical condition and must have some outdoor background. Knowledge of use of personal climbing gears, ice-axe, crampons and ropes will come in hand.

We are organizing peaks climbing trips providing necessary arrangements for our valued clients, especially those who are interested to do more adventures and take challenging on the mountains. We provide professional mountaineering guides, Sherpas and provide high quality service to make your expedition comfortable, easier, memorable and successful once in your lifetime. Our climbing guide will brief you the basics knowledge of climbing and handling ropes as well as teach about other climbing devices including safety considerations.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

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